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Sustainable is the new normal ...


Climate change, species extinction and resource scarcity are omnipresent. We must no longer procure unthinkingly!


Requirements are formulated in the UN Global Compact and the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.


Suddenly obvious: Europe must become independent from regimes and companies where unfreedom and arbitrariness prevail

... and with the ESG-SCORE sustainable procurement gets super easy 

Just have products labelled in shops & procurement systems

The sustainability of products can only be properly assessed if relevant data is available on their entire life cycle. However, purchasers of indirect materials cannot, before each and every transaction, research countless data to compare the alternatives. That is why now takes care and provides the ESG-SCORE labelling.


The fundamental basis for the ESG-SCORE are hotspot analyses, in which the main problem and risk areas for a given commodity group are elaborated. These can be, for example, water pollution during raw material extraction or energy consumption during use.


Now, selected data are integrated, so that the products' sustainability can be compared with a focus on the identified and weighted hotspots. Data can be manufacturer or product certifications as well as, for example, the EU energy efficiency class. 


Based on these product specific data calculates rankings and sets the score: A product receives 100 points ESG-SCORE if it ranks higher than 100 per cent of the compared products. 99 points if it leaves 99 per cent behind and so on.



Monitors are among the most frequently purchased IT devices. At the same time, the sustainability of individual products is worlds apart. However, the differences are completely intransparent today. Thus, let's create transparency!



Thomas Zachau
H&Z Group

"Let's build a Sustainability Initiative around procured products – easy to use, transparent and open to every company"

Eva Winkler

"Making sustainability measurable on our platform is an important topic for us. In a pilot project, we are testing how we can support our platform participants in making sustainable purchasing decisions by integrating the ESG SCORE."

Sven Steinert

"It is time to rethink procurement decisions and to make sustainability become a decisive decision criterion. Sustainability Rating is the perfect tool to make products comparable and to understand the true sustainability value behind."

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