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Assessing the sustainability of monitors is particularly complex because monitors are very problematic in many dimensions. It should therefore be said at the outset that every avoided new purchase, every use of a recycled device is good. However, given that we are still far from circular economy in this product group, the ESG SCORE ranking provides orientation as to which new monitors cause less damage than others.

The methodology how makes this assessment and calculates the ESG-SCORE is explained below. Of course, there is no single truth for such ratings. But there is certainly a relative correctness. Our aim is to reflect this relative correctness in the ranking, and any feedback that helps us to do so is very welcome. Here's how our ranking looks like:

ESG-SCORE & Ranking

The ESG-SCORE and the ranking table can be read as follows: The monitor with an ESG-SCORE of 100 has scored higher than 100 percent of the compared monitors. It is the actual number one in our sustainability assessment of the commodity's products. Accordingly, an ESG-SCORE of 67 means that 67 percent of the monitors scored lower.

After clicking on a row in the table the details of the scoring are shown:

How the scoring works follows an open source approach. This is why we share the methodical deduction of the scoring parameters in detail with all members. For monitors you can find the according information here.

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